We are twins, born together separated by just a matter of minutes inside the womb.

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It's double the giggles, double the grins and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins!
Identical or fraternal, you’ve no doubt had your fair share of struggles growing up as a part of a matching set. Yet those moments of pure cheekiness and intimate bonds formed through a unique birth certainly makes up for it all. It’s a built-in best friend from day one!

Twins and other multiples, like triplets and quadruplets, have an uncanny, absurd closeness akin to that of no other. From the moment of birth, twins get to experience countless memories, experiences and times of goofiness all in the company of each other, creating a lasting bond greater than friends or family. It’s special! We all know it, and being a part of this select group of humans is absolutely worth the celebration!This upcoming January, join hands with the Sri Lanka Twins Organisation in celebrating the uniqueness of twins and multiples by coming together for a record breaking congregation of a select group of people in one spot!With the breaking of a Guinness World Record for “The Largest Twins Gathering”,join us in this iconic event to represent the twins/multiples community and their individuality, whilst also making a stand for a brighter and peaceful world!

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Here at Sri Lanka Twins, we are dedicated to serving families of multiple birth children through basic utilities, education, shelter, and healthcare. We aim to increase awareness of the challenges they face and bring about opportunities to build a supportive community to grow in.

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Sri Lanka Twins welcomes you with open arms! Be a part of Sri Lanka’s largest growing twins/multiples community and get exclusive access to all our workshops and events. Join us today in helping build a better and brighter community for twins and multiples!


His Excellency Prime Ministers memorable speech at the World Largest Twins Cultural Show on 20th January 2020

Mr. Kingsly Rathnayake senior Journalist speech at the World Largest Twins Cultural Show on 20th January 2020