We are twins, born together separated by just a matter of minutes inside the womb.

About Sri Lanka Twins

Sri Lanka Twins is a registered under Department of Cultural Affairs of Sri Lanka (Reg No: 06/05/S/S/69 ) as a non-profit organisation to assists underprivileged twins, triplets and quadruplets in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Twins was established on 23rd August 1993 by Twins, Upuli Gamage and Chamali Gamage (Founders) to promote the spiritual, intellectual and social welfare of twins. Sri Lanka Twins holds membership of approximately 28,000 twins located in different parts of Sri Lanka and is dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children through education and networking. Twins are represented by different faiths like Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Moors, Malays, Tamils, Burgers etc. Opportunity is created for them to mingle each other in building Religious harmony, affection & enthusiasm.

Birth of twins, triplets or more should bring joy to the family, but unfortunately, it is not the situation for many in a developing country like Sri Lanka. Families of multiple births have undergone enormous challenges, pains and difficulties. Most of the multiple birth children are born to parents who are poor, unemployed and ignorant.

Further, our objective is to increase awareness of the unique needs of twins and fulfil their obligations through well-wishers and generous donors. Parents of these families face unbearable challenges as a result of these different community births. Parent’s significant challenges range from primary care, inadequate and lack of access to basic human and social needs like food, clothing, shelter, education etc. These parents are going through a lot of emotional and psychological trauma as they helplessly watch their children at home due to financial constraints.

While Sri Lanka Twins is working towards giving Hope to underprivileged twins & Multiples is seeking your support to bridge gaps in taking care of less fortunate in uplifting their talents, career towards Twin/Multiple Children’s Care and Education projects. We encourage these unique underprivileged parents to tie up with Sri Lanka Twins organisation too.

Our objectivs

Our objective is to unite the local and international multiples and establish the world as trouble free and victorious place. While establishing this as our main objective, we also hope to develop the educational, economical, and social aspects of the less privileged multiple families and thereby contributing to the national development.

Helping Hand

This organization is based on multiples of the family, indirectly the members of the family who are not multiples such as the parents and other siblings will also be able to enjoy the benefits. As a result of this, the world will learn to recognize that families with multiples are indeed families that also require a helping hand.

Rid The World of Poverty

To rid the world of poverty by establishing the unity among the Sri Lankan and International multiple communities and to develop cohesiveness among the countries by highlighting the skills unique to their multiple communities.

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To achieve international co-operation in enhancing Social, Cultural & humanitarian projects